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Series: 1. Diaries (1923-1959)

Creator: Cecil Mercier
Creation Date: January 1 1923
End Date: January 1 1961
Extent Medium: 38 items
Scope and Content: Cecil Mercier diaries are an account of his working life as a mill manager in Limerick and his role in the management of other flour and provenander mills throughout Ireland, including Clara, Cork and later Dublin from 1925 to the year 1958. The diaries were kept on a daily basis and outline Mercier’s duties and responsibilities at the flour mills. They almost daily note the quality of flour and sample loaves baked that day. Much of the diaries are filled with technical references to the milling process and problems with the production process, such as the extraction rate for wheat with notes on improvements and new equipment . The diaries note Mercier's efforts to rationalise production and increase efficiency ' each sack elevator will do away with at least two men'. P89(/2, 28 December 1923, p19. The diaries also refer to market conditions for flour and national developments relating to the flour industry. Much of the diaries deal with staff ' caught one of Walshe's boys smoking in loft adjoining maize cleaning plant-bought him to Frank Morgan-instructed not to employ him again'. P89/1, 26 September 1923, p8. Diaries also relate to employer-union relations and there are frequent mentions of disputes, stoppages and strikes. The diaries also illustrate working conditions in the mills. From the third diary onwards most of the entries are in green ink
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